Known for its beautiful beaches and as the hiding place of the Corleone family, Sicily is one of the most beautiful islands in the world.

Find the coolest local spots to visit in different locations all around the world

Special for Sicily :: Granita ? My favorite is almond granita, what would you be yours?

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Al Galu’ is famous with its handmade delicious pastas located in Scicli. Scicli is a charming small town in south-eastern Sicily.


A must try restaurant in Noto!

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Antica Dolceria Bonajuto // You can find the best cannolli and delicious kinds of chocolates in this little shop, which infact is the oldest chocolate factory in Sicily, located in Modica. #dolce #modica

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Passion fruit Martini ? Morgana Lounge Bar, Taormina.

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Anche gli Angeli –> Sicilian concept-store, lounge bar & restaurant. You can find this cool store in one of the back streets of Noto, where you can find sicilian typical stuff, special wines, something to eat and much more. #conceptstore #noto

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The entrance of Ristorante Manna in Noto. Behind this stylish entrance you can find delicious food with innovative presentations.

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Great location and Best cocktails in Taormina. Taste this signature cocktail by Daiquiri Taormina; “Caribbean”!?

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Mazzaro Bay, Taormina ?

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Citta di Noto, Sicily

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